Harsellingen's Qwill


This is a writing quill created by the gnomish wizard Mendelion Harsellingen. Its known powers are unlimited ink usable in scrolls and tomes. It is theorized to also be self-writing from either verbal or mental dictation, and the ability to automatically copy spells.

It is believed to have been used to write many famous spells, presumably in the service of its creator. It is much coveted by his peers, and some suggest copies were made. This is unlikely due to infrequent appearance.

After Harsellingen’s retirement in 205AU, it was given to the head librarian of [Maridan Magic University], Julias Hawthorne. Over the years, he turned away many generous offers to buy the Quill. It is unknown if it stayed with the Hawthorne family or the library or University.

Harsellingen's Qwill

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