Eye of Helta


Also known as the Mirror of Meyafiel.

The Eye of Helta is a scrying mirror capable of viewing unfamiliar targets for extended times. It was originally bestowed upon an Oracle of Helta in approximately 500-400BU.

By legend, this oracle became the queen of the United Elves, Meyafiel, who used her powers to bring prosperous, peaceful rule. She warned of great destruction of her people, urging their preemptive retreat. Those that heeded her warning became the Dawn Elves, hidden in nature away from the hungry Human conquest. The majority who ignored her warning continued to prosper after her abdication, without the same peace (later becoming the Dusk Elves).

The mirror is presumed to follow the oracle. Its current location is unknown. It is also uncertain whether the artifact itself requires Helta’s favor to use.

Eye of Helta

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