Ethereal Scale


The Ethereal Scale is a balance which is able to weigh the good and bad done by a man in his lifetime. It is said to be located in the Temple of Yedoth, which resides midway between the Material and the Ethereal plane. It is used by the high priest of Yedoth after his death, until the next one dies. It is hypothesized to be used on every mortal after their death, and by legend before death if one manages to visit the temple.

King Forester II posted bounty for the Ethereal Scale in 105BU to bring absolute justice to the kingdom. Many attempts and claims1 were found to be fakes, and bounty was unanswered for 56 years. It was removed in 161BU with the death of King Forester II and the ascension of KingDarwinI, followed still by occasional attempts to claim bounty.

1 Records of claimed Temple of Yedoth sightings are probably located in the Avoulondé library.

Ethereal Scale

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