A 3ft tall, green eyed, black scaled, female Kobold bard.


Ly’miirik is a Traveling Kobold Merchant, one of the very few roaming kobolds that can stand operating outside of the “six-man squad” formations. She hails from the Kobold warren tunnels northwest of Holt and is the daughter of their chief.

When Ly’miirik was nine she developed an intense fear of being alone. When wandering around the lower warrens after once again getting lost heading to the food-hall, Ly’miirik found herself in a section of mining tunnels that had been abandoned after the water table started to erode away at the supporting foundation. A section of these tunnels finally collapsed due to water damage while she was poking around. She was sealed off, alone, in those tunnels for 2 days before being dug out. The collapse was caused by a gnomish inventor who was testing a wand that would allow kobolds to shape tunnels more easily, but unfortunately caused the crash. This has lead to a hatred of gnomes with wands underground.

This event is in no small part one of the many reasons why she has become a Bard. Ly’miirik believes bards always find themselves surrounded, and appreciated, by masses of adoring people. Her odd coloration, wings, and antitypical views on life kept her from being able to form many bonds with her peers and society; she was surrounded by kin and yet still felt so isolated.

She believes that it is possible to improve the relations between the surface races and the Kobold nation, using increasing trade the grease the wheels of diplomacy. Already near their limit with her radical views, and after she accidentally booby trapped the main council chambers when she was 15 (and couldn’t disarm them!), the rest of her community sent her off to accomplish whatever she can, for good or ill at this point. Ly’miirik has currently set up a trading pavilion in the port city of Holt, where she has disguised herself as a female Halfling to avoid any trouble with the locals, until she can ease the idea that Kobolds are undeserving of their bad reputation into their community.


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