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The tengu, like many other beast-folk, are very reclusive in Ispentine. They live in small, close-knit communities that are mostly found on the Eastern side of the country in the grasslands and hills1.

Their culture values honour highly, not only between tengu, but acting with honour toward the world as well2. Their communities are structured based on age and relative skill. Lower ranks are expected to follow their elders and perform various duties in their villages, while higher ranks are tasked with leading, teaching and keeping the village safe.3

Rather than worship a specific deity, the tengu believe that their ancestors ascend to the spirit world where they can look upon and guide their descendants.4 Tengu give offerings and pray to their ancestors. They also respect the spirits that live in plants and animals.5 The elders of the flock know the most important rituals to contact the spirits in times of greater need.

A young tengu is trained in the art of combat, meditation, and spirituality.2 They have several milestones from adolescence to adulthood. A tengu that has learned all that their elders can teach must embark on a journey outside of their village. In this way, they learn more about themselves, the world and the spirits. They do not return until they feel they can bring something of worth to their home, whether it is material or educational.6

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