For reference, these are what the various world languages sound like.

Frequency ranges from universal – common – uncommon – rare – unknown1.

Game Language Real World Equivalent Frequency
Common English Lingua Franca
Dawn Elven Japanese Universal
Dwarven German Universal
Gianti Russian Common
Gnomish Welsh Common
Halflese Finnish Universal
Orcish Afrikaans Uncommon
Tengan Navajo Uncommon
Aquan French Rare
Auran Arabic Rare
Celestial Hindi-Urdu Unknown
Draconic Latin Unknown
Dusk Elven Japanese derivative Unknown
Druidic Irish Unknown
Gnoll Somali Rare
Goblin Swahilli Rare
Ignan Hellenic Unknown
Kobold Romanian Unknown
Shadow2 Turkish Unknown
Terran Greek Unknown

1 It exists, but you need a reason to know it.

2 Shadow is the common language of the Shadow plane. Abyssal and Infernal are dialects within it.


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