Map of Ispentine

Ispentine boasts a fertile coastline along its western and southern sides. To the North and East are mountains.

Mostly the rivers run North-South, but to the Western side of the country they may angle out to the West to reach the coast.

From West to East, the main cities and rivers of Ispentine:

  • The Devout River lies in a fertile valley nestled in the Northwest corner of Ispentine. The main port is Timorat, which ships out many goods, including wonderful foods from Westerdale further to the East. Timorat is famous for having the most temples in one city.
  • The port of Gellitor lies at the end of the Arnesen River.
  • The Holetan River allows Dagenlea to ship logs out to Holt, a major port that also receives goods from Collearn.
  • The Beirne River leads to Freeport, a bustling hub of trade and industry. They receive many goods from Feyhedge upriver.
  • The Maridan River is the largest in Ispentine. Steltan is the largest producer of economic metals in the country, which they ship downriver. Our impressive capital of Maridan lies at the junction of the Maridan and Udan rivers.
  • The Udan River not only leads to the capital, but brings with it many excellent goods. It is often visited by travelers from Avoulondé.
  • Victory River leads from Avoulondé all the way to Halfport, which is so named due to the plethora of Halflings trading along the coast.
  • Geissler River leads from Shaflen, an area known for their well-bred livestock, to Ferdil with their prime agriculture, all the way to Shepherd’s Port where these cities bring their wonderful commodities to the rest of the country.


Most of the country enjoys temperate weather with plenty of rain year-round. The central and western thirds of Ispentine are primarily forested, with thick riparian areas giving way to more open oak forests. The eastern third has riparian forests along with rivers, but are surrounded by riparian grasslands and some arid areas to the Northeast.

Storms tend to come in from the West. The weather gets fairly hot in the Summer, and cools off in the Winter. Snow falls mainly in the mountainous areas, but can reach the entire country in the peak of Winter.


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