Creation Myths

Myth of Outer Planar Creation

The beautiful goddess Aisara, the All-Mother, was and created the expansive Astral plane. Within the absence of Aisara was the Material plane, dark and silent. She longed to love and be loved by other beings, so she gathered the hardest and the hottest areas of her plane. The elemental energy pulsed together to create Tokkar, god of earth and fire. He was welcomed into existence, and where his touch fell upon the Material plane was brought land and light. Our world was a vast plain of bare rock, broken up by a sea of fire. Tokkar adored Aisara from the start, and they entwined themselves together, uniting as the goddes may do.

Out of this union, Lekker was born, the god of water. His presence brought rain down onto the earth, cool and refreshing. He met with Aisara in gladness, adding his fluid nature to produce Helta, goddess of air. Tokkar was jealous, and sought to gain favor with Helta, offering to meld with her as well. Giddy with the rush of new beginnings, Helta spurned his advances. She rushed about, causing winds to soar in confusing patterns. Tokkar was angered by this rejection. He blocked her dance with mountains, and changed her way with gusts of heat, until she could not escape him.

Lekker boiled with fury, and rock was worn away into sand, and the fiery sea was quenched. He challenged Tokkar’s lack of honour. They contested their strength throughout the planet, rising great storms and mountains. The very continents were pushed and shoved into shapes alien to us today. Helta sought the comfort of the All-Mother. Aisara was distraught at the warring between her children, and scolded the gods for their terrible game. Lekker vowed a wary peace. However, Tokkar hardened his heart, and formed a grudge against Lekker and the other goddes.

Unnoticed by the others, Kina La, the godde of soul, explored the planes. However, as the fighting died down, ze had begun to brush her bubbles of soul unto the planet, causing grasses and shrubs to spring up over the land. Lekker met zer on the Material plane with an apology, and a belated welcome to existence. Intruiged by zer work, they worked together to bring life into his seas and streams. Lekker and Kina La found harmony in each other, and from their marriage, Menom, the godde of spirit, was brought into being.

Menom inherited the curious nature of zer parents. Zer essence infused connections among all of the planes, allowing greater transference of power and communication. Aisara was heartened by the new romance and friendship. Menom took joy in the All-Mother, but was cautioned by the tale of Tokkar’s envy. With a clever tongue, Menom coaxed Tokkar to boast of his ability to encase even his own fire with the strength of his earthen walls. During the eclipse, Menom met sweetly with Aisara, and in the darkness she bore the twins Yedoth, godde of the ethereal, and Zaucror, god of shadow.

Creation Myths

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