The calendar of Ispentine begins with year 0 After Unification (AU). It marks the time that the First and Only King Thaddeus Linnaeus officially created the country. Prior to this, dates are counted as X years Before Unification (BU).

There are 365 days in a year1. There are no months in this calendar. Rather, days are marked by which of the four seasons they are in, and the biweek it is in. A week consists of 6 days, and a biweek is twelve. Each of the biweeks are named after a different godde.

Days Name of Biweek
1-12 Aisan
13-24 Lekkan
25-36 Heltan
37-48 Kinan
49-60 Menan
61-72 Zaucran
73-84 Yedan
85-91 Tokkan

Dates can be given in shorthand by Day#-Biweek initial-Season-Year. For example the 7th day of the biweek Menan in Spring, 612 years After Unification is 7Msp612AU.

1 OoC: As far as astronomy goes, this planet is Earth with different continents on it.


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