Traveler's Guide to Ispentine

Session 1B: Craft Masonry

Played June 22, 2013

We last left our would-be heroes heading down into the dark basement below several stores in one of the poorer market districts.

Katsuo, followed by Dr. Strangelove and blessed one Fiona, ventured down the hidden staircase from the general goods store. They immediately encountered several giant ant drones. Not half a minute after they began fighting did they hear a great crash from down the hall.

Grunt had punched through the floor of Bellinda’s Bakery and found himself fifteen feet down in a room filled to the brim with giant spiders. The arachnids began hissing threateningly, prompting Grunt to lift himself out of the hole he created, before they could do any damage. He then ran out of the bakery completely… through the wall, so that anyone on the street could see straight through and into the general goods store.

Conrad was on his way back from depositing the horses with his parents at the smithy, just in time to see the barbarian flee the scene. Unperturbed, the mercenary hopped into the hole and began dispatching spiders, even though he was surrounded several times over.

Grunt unwinds a section of the chain wrapped around his torso, and rushes back into the bakery to drop one end down the hole. He heads back out through his latest door and stands behind the building in the alleyway. Ketta runs out and climbs atop his shoulders.

The trio finishes their fight against the giant ants, and heads down the hallway to open the door nearest the earlier crash. They find a room with hastily emptied cupboards along one wall. There is a table spread with an aged, red cloth bearing the symbol of a fist, laid with a long-evaporated pitcher of water with a washing basin and glasses.

Conrad slashes a few more spiders, then wraps the end of the chain around his shield. Grunt pulls him straight out of the hole, through the building, and around the back side. Then the giant orc lifts the halfling to the roof of the bakery. Ketta analyses what remains of the structure, and pulls Grunt’s chain to the appropriate supporting beams. Grunt gives a great heave, and topples the entire bakery down into rubble, sending it into the basement and squishing the spiders below.

The shockwave throws open the door from the spidery room to the adjoining room where Dr. Strangelove, Fiona and Katsuo stand, sending rubble toppling into the place. The group pokes among the rubble, and Katsuo notices a shining gleam of metal below. He retrieves it, finding a beautiful ring inlaid with magic runes on the inside1, and a small symbol of a fist on the outer side.

The group examines the ring, wearing gloves. Ketta notes its exquisite quality and material2, something possibly only found by expert dwarven smiths or a divine hand. Fiona determines the symbol does not belong to any godde she knows, but has the feeling she has seen it in town before. Dr. Strangelove prepares a potion and finds the ring to be magical, but none of them can quite figure out in what way. Ketta puts the ring into a box.

Some guards stroll by and ask why the hell there are giant holes in the buildings. Ketta informs them that the group has saved the town from the threat of giant insects and shoddy architecture. She points out the staircase, and the guards head down to belay the threat to the city.

Ketta orders Grunt to pack up while they examine the ring. He stores the tent, packs the wagon, and picks Katsuo up to put him on his horse. Ketta is magically cleaning and shampooing her pet giant orc, when everyone realizes that the guards never returned from their trip into the basement. Only a round in, the trio heads away from the tavern, and everyone heads down together this time.

The group finds the guards had split into two rooms at the end of the hallway. They split up and rescue the guards from the last three ants. To one side, Katsuo, Conrad and Fiona check out two rooms full of bloodied bunk beds with trails of running footprints spread blatantly about. To the other side, Ketta, Grunt and Dr. Strangelove find themselves in a storage room. They kill the ants with the guards, but not before shooting holes into some crates and iron powder spilling out.

The group then gathers in the supply room for their final confrontation. Dr. Strangelove opens the door into the next supply room to reveal five drone ants and a large queen. Katsuo steps in and begins shooting. The party bottlenecks itself in the doorway, other than Conrad who goes charging in toward the queen. Between some bombes and various attacks, the ants are dispatched. Ketta belches a line of acid, which splatters off of the back of Dr. Strangelove’s head and arcs over to hit the queen, toppling her.

Grunt is frustrated, and begins smashing crates to get toward the crowded doorway. Ketta, full of confidence, dances past everyone to slash at the final ant with her scarves. It doesn’t kill it, so she feels rather foolish. He finally punches a hole through the wall, just in time for all the ants to be killed.

The party searches the room and finds various treasures. They gained an intricately carved ivory tusk depicting a scene of fishermen, a pair of friendship rings popular with the upper classes, and a ruby necklace, along with quite a bit of coin. The group heals themselves and prepares to assault the last of the dungeon.


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